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Hotel www check in but you can never check out

Een nieuwe fase in de informatiesamenleving We gaan we niet meer alleen met onze pc vrij surfen op het net, maar leven steeds meer in het net. Wie over straat loopt, draagt een onzichtbare digitale identiteit met zich mee. Gewapend met pasjes, mobieltjes en voertuigen laten we zien wie we zijn, dat we daar mogen…

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Back of a napkin better than xls ppt or doc?

Yes according to Dan Roam. See for yourself in the video below. I think he has some very powerful tips but I do think these could be more effective using mindmaps (on the back of a napkin). Especially if you are trying to build a shared mental model. In my experience if you use Dan’s…

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Vizualize your web search as a mindmap

This really is a cool site. is a search service that aggregates content on global issues, science, technology, energy and business from some 13,000 news, blog, research and multimedia sources around the world. Enter your search words choose network and your search results will be visualized as a mindmap. Discover and let me know…

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mindmapping, meer plezier/resultaat in je werk?

Er wordt veel gesproken over hoe mindmapping mensen kan helpen hun werk beter te doen. Wat is dat dan precies je werk beter doen? Over welke onderdelen gaat dat dan? Wat is dan de bijdrage van het mindmappen? Dit wordt een tweedelige serie over de vraag: ‘helpt mindmapping voor meer plezier en resultaat in je…

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Wanneer welke visualisatie?

Vraag je je regelmatig af welke visualisatie het beste past bij je boodschap? Kijk dan hier eens: (werkt met een ‘mouse over’; beweeg je muis langzaam over de blokjes)

Alexander thanking live mindmappers at TEDx

Alexander of HappyChaos just thanked Alexis, Jerre and Ronald for there simultanous live mindmapping session of TEDxAmsterdam in location Pakhuis.

Spy photo of live mindmapping @TEDxAmsterdam

Alexis van Dam now live mindmapping GerhardKnies at TEDxAmsterdam

Live mindmapping stream TEDxAmsterdam

It works! The live mindmapstream for TEDxAmsterdam. Visualize IT working (tnx : We just entered a few tips to work with the mindmap view and some greetings from the freeway!

Why go there? Just download the image & memory in your brain.

That will be possible sooner than you think. Listen to Professor Warwick the first cyborg who explaines why should become one too. No more travel , universities and silly dribble called speech.

What is the relation between straight line thinking and your happiness?

How many straight lines can you find in nature? Is this why we should learn radiant thinking? Thinking outside patterns? Inside systems? Is interactive visualisation the new way of working? Do we need to start mindmapping? Have you really left the industrial era? Can we tell by the size and quality of your network if…

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